Feathered Frame Photography Nashville


I’m Erin, a professional portrait photographer located in Nashville, Tennessee. My real passion is photographing people, and the beach, or a combination of the two if I’m lucky.  Whether it’s model portraits, lifestyle, beach, sunsets, engagement, commercial, or a promotional business shoot, what really interests me is capturing a story.  I love to photograph in many different styles, and can adjust my shooting and editing style to meet the needs of my clientele. I love natural light, but also enjoy adding that extra pop with additional lighting when necessary. I am not an over-stager.  I love a simple and relaxed approach and prefer to keep things as fun and laid back as possible. I welcome all inquires and hope to speak with you soon!   -Erin    


Alexandra and Kari

I LOVE photographing red heads. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I have loved red hair since I was a little girl. Always kind of wished my hair would magically turn red. I'm pale enough after all. It would totally work... i think. Unfortunately, that...

Machaela Nesler

Machaela is by far one of the kindest, beautiful souls I have ever met. We met a few months ago while both working at Anthropologie, and the first day I met her, I wanted to photograph her. I told her about a project I've been working on that I fondly call my,...